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Evangelical Christian Church, Dayspring

Global Alumni Re-Union Foundation

Conference 2006 Pictures
Revival In Ghana . . . Freedom Crusade
South Africa Minister's Conference
DMI, Liberia, Africa
Summit & Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa 2005
Ministers Summit & Women's Conference 2
Global Alumni Re-Union Foundation
Recent Ordinations

Christ Contact Commission, Nigeria

While visiting Nigeria we met a man, Rev. Matthew O. Akor.  He asked if I could speak Tuesday evening at their gathering at another hotel.  After consultation with Bishop Ina we agreed that I would travel there and speak to the organization. 
God moved by His Spirit and now this organization and DMI are in 'Sister Fellowship."  We have read one of his books, The Place of Nigeria in the Kingdom of God.  We hope to do much together with His Jewels Intercessory Ministry in Abuja Nigeria.

Reverend Matthew O. Akor, Author

Dr. Barkman Speaking at Global Alumni Foundation

Dr. Barkman Speaking


Dr. Barkman, Rev. Akor and Member

Rev. Akor, Dr. Barkman and Members

Brother Akor's Book
Truly an inspiration from the Lord. You should watch Nigeria for God's move in the last days.