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Evangelical Christian Church, Dayspring

Recent Ordinations

Conference 2006 Pictures
Revival In Ghana . . . Freedom Crusade
South Africa Minister's Conference
DMI, Liberia, Africa
Summit & Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa 2005
Ministers Summit & Women's Conference 2
Global Alumni Re-Union Foundation
Recent Ordinations

We have entered our recent ordinations...   We have one to start and more will be added as the pictures arrive.  The first ordination is by our Bishop Victoria Walters... She ordained Rev. Ron Richard in Sacramento, California... Come back again and again for other ordinations in other parts of the country...
Soon we hope to add pictures of an ordination by Bishop Jervin Sy in California and our Bishop General Barbara Jones in Florida...





The Pictures following are of the ordination of Rev. Adrienne DeCamillo.  Bishop Jervin Sy and Superintendent Teah Sy officiated at this ordination.  You may find these pics also at the ECC website at  ... Thanks for looking.

Rev. Adrienne DiCamillo with Rev. Teah Sy and Bishop Jervin Sy

Bishop Jervin Sy and Rev. Teah Sy presenting the
ordination certificate to Rev. Adrienne DiCamillo

Rev. DiCamillo and family rejoicing in the Lord

Rev. DiCamillo serving the communion after her ordination