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Evangelical Christian Church, Dayspring

DMI, The Arbor Shade Band

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This last weekend, July 30 & 31, 2005, Brother Barkman had opportunity to visit our own Brother Mat's Church. Playing there was a Native American Band called Arbor Shade.  Their music was moving and Spirit Filled.  Praise the Lord.  We were able to see them Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning.
After the service Sunday, Brother Barkman spoke with members of the group and made tenative plans to visit them in Arizona.  God is impressing us at Dayspring to reachout out and work with all persons... We will be praying that we can help them in their work and that God will bless us and them with our mutual involvement.
If you would like to order the CD with the cover you see on this picture please click on the email listed below and we will put you in touch with this Band... Hopefully we will also have a link to their website...


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